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Watch this video and more on Modo Yoga Online

Watch this video and more on Modo Yoga Online

Modo Flow with Robi | 60 minutes

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  • Barre with Paria | 30 mins

    Barre is intended to strengthen and lengthen the muscles in your body. Paria guides you through this full body barre class using props or common household items, like books and chairs.

  • Yin with Christa | 45 minutes

    Christa guides you through a deep stretch yin practice to total body relaxation in 45 minutes. Yin is all about long, deep holds to relax and restore the joints and muscles. Yin can be practiced in reduced heat and is suitable for beginners and experienced students.

  • Modo Freestyle Les Pieds et Les Mains...

    Une pratique de Vinyasa où le travail consiste à conserver la respiration fluide, régulière, comme un métronome alors que vous explorerez les différents muscles entourant les hanches. Préparez vous à aborder l’alignement spécifique de votre corps en suivant le rythme de votre respiration alors qu...