French & Spanish

Did you know Modo studios can be found all over the world? Including in French-speaking regions like Paris and Montreal. These classes are guided in French by teachers who have taught in studios across the community.

  • Modo Freestyle Les Pieds et Les Mains avec Antoine (FRENCH) | 45 minutes

    Une pratique de Vinyasa où le travail consiste à conserver la respiration fluide, régulière, comme un métronome alors que vous explorerez les différents muscles entourant les hanches. Préparez vous à aborder l’alignement spécifique de votre corps en suivant le rythme de votre respiration alors qu...

  • Modo with Gabi (SPANISH) | 65 minutes

    Join Gabi for a Spanish-language Modo class. The Modo sequence is built to be accessible to all levels, but still provides the challenge needed to help strengthen your body.

  • Modo with Antoine (FRENCH) | 20 minutes

    This short Modo class is focused on countering the kinks, cramps, and constrictions in the body that can often come from travelling. By opening up the body and moving all the major joints, you'll give your body the space it needs to really travel light 😉 The Modo sequence is built to be accessibl...

  • Meditation with Karl (FRENCH) | 5 minutes

    Meditation is a practice where you can acknowledge thoughts and feelings as they arise, then return to your breath. When you realize your attention has wandered, gently guide it back to your breath, again...and again...and again...