20 minutes or less

20 minutes or less

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20 minutes or less
  • Tree Breathing with Jess (Audio Only) | 6 minutes

    Find peace and connect with nature in this short guided meditation led by Modo Yoga co-founder, Jess Robertson.

  • Square Breathing with Jess | 5 minutes

    There are many benefits to practicing square breathing. This technique increases the uptake of oxygen in the body and helps you gain mental focus and clarity. It can heighten performance and concentration and is also beneficial for the immune system.

  • Reset Breath with Jess | 5 minutes

    Join Jess as she guides you through a pranayama exercise intended to restore balance in the mind.

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing with Jess | 5 minutes

    Pranayama is the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises. Join Jess for a short 5 minute alternative nostril breathing exercise.

  • Arm Balances Part 2 with Matt | 15 minutes

    Continuing from part one of this series, Matt will guide you through a few arm balances including Side Crow pose, Flying Pigeon, and Crane pose.

  • Arm Balances Part 1 with Matt | 15 minutes

    Join Matt for part one of a two-part series on arm balances. Learn proper alignment and develop foundational arm balancing skills in this tutorial. Lastly, you will learn a few different versions of Crow pose.

  • Arm Balance Strength with Matt | 15 minutes

    When it comes to arm balances, you must first build a foundation of strength and trust. Matt will guide you through a short 15 minute class so you can begin to build strength in the core and legs. Learn what areas to engage, challenge yourself, and most of allโ€“ have fun!

  • Floating with Matt | 15 minutes

    We've all heard the phrase, "float to the top of your mat." In this quick 15 minute tutorial, Matt will teach you a series of techniques so that you can learn how to jump forward and backward and lighten up your practice.

  • Wrist Mobility with Matt |10 minutes

    If you have sensitive wrists or if you ever have sore wrists, this class is for you! In this short 10 minute tutorial, Matt will guide you through a few wrist alignment and strengthening techniques so your hands can stay happy and healthy.

  • Sun Salutation B with Matt | 10 minutes

    Take a closer look at the poses behind the Sun Salutation B sequence. Learn the foundation with Matt as you warm up the arms, shoulders, spine, and hips.

  • Forearm Stand with Jessica | 20 minutes

    Join Jessica as she guides you through a 20 minute Forearm Stand tutorial. Adding inversions to your yoga practice develops a strong sense of balance that equally requires focus as it does strength.

  • Headstand with Jessica | 20 minutes

    Learn how to do a Headstand in this tutorial. Jessica will guide you through different headstand variations and teach you the proper alignment and technique to help you move safely.

  • Side Crow with Martha | 10 minutes

    Learn how to do side crow pose in this 10 minute tutorial. Martha gives you tools to understand what's needed from the body and how to integrate all the required muscles into the movements. Side Crow is a continuation of crow pose and is an arm-balancing pose that incorporates a detoxifying twist.

  • Modo Flow with Antoine | 10 minutes

    Whether you need a quick moment break or want an addition to another practice, Antoine will lead you through this short and sweet Modo Flow.

    Antoine is a mentor and teacher at both Modo Yoga Montreal and Modo Yoga Paris. This practice is suitable for all levels.

  • Modo with Antoine (FRENCH) | 20 minutes

    This short Modo class is focused on countering the kinks, cramps, and constrictions in the body that can often come from travelling. By opening up the body and moving all the major joints, you'll give your body the space it needs to really travel light ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Modo sequence is built to be accessibl...

  • Intro to Meditation with Ted | 5 minutes

  • Intro to Flow with Val (FRENCH) | 5 minutes

    The Flow sequence is one you'll find in Modo and Modo Flow classes. This 5 minute tutorial gives you tools to understand that's needed from the body and how to integrate all the required muscles into the movements.

  • Modo with Val | 20 minutes

    Get the body moving, work out any tension from sleep, and bring ease into your day. This short and sweet Modo class will help you start your day right. Val brings wisdom and intention to the movements so that you can find what you need first thing in your day. The Modo sequence is built to be acc...

  • Modo Flow with Val | 20 minutes

    In this shortened version of a Modo Flow class, Val offers modifications and options specifically for the wrist joints. Whether you have pain in the wrists or would like to build up strength around the wrist joints, these options will give you new tools to integrate into your Flow practice to cre...

  • Meditation for Sleep with Ted | 10 minutes

  • Meditation on the Web of Existence with Ted | 15 minutes

  • Meditation for the Planet with Ted | 10 minutes

  • Loving Kindness Meditation with Ted | 10 minutes

  • Meditation for Tomorrow with Ted | 10 minutes